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The Bentfootes (the movie)

Bentfoote galleryWriter Todd Alcott and choreographer Kriota Willberg team up to direct their first feature film, a loving skewering of 200 years of American dance. Funny, touching and irreverent, The Bentfootes tells the story of a fictitious every-choreographer, Susan Bentfoote (1966-2005) (Nina Hellman) and her quasi-illustrious family, who managed to keep their demented muse alive through all of American history. We follow Jim Raritan (James Urbaniak), Susan's boyfriend, as he takes us on a wide-eyed, enthusiastic, exasperating journey of discovery into a forgotten tributary in the river of American dance culture and watch as he goes from being the lover of a dead choreographer to becoming a producer of American Modern Dance. A 'mockumentary' melange of Spinal Tap and Ken Burns, The Bentfootes includes a memorial concert of Bentfoote dances, interviews with family and friends, historical photos, film and family memorabilia. In its own tongue-in-cheek way it explores the American dancer's artistic aesthetic from post-revolutionary times to the present.

Bentfoote gallery Directed by Todd Alcott and Kriota Willberg
Screenplay by Todd Alcott
Starring James Urbaniak, Nina Hellman and Kriota Willberg
Based on the dance theater production by Kriota Willberg and Elyse Singer
Produced by Patricia McGuire
Associate Producers: Joe and Ellie Sikoryak
Executive producer Kriota Willberg
Choreography: Kriota Willberg
Director of Photography: Melissa Guimares
1st Assistant Director: Jeremiah Kipp
Additional Photography: David (Squid) Quinn
Edited by Connor Kalista
Sound Design and original music: Carmen Borgia
Original Music: Brian Dewan, Bob Goldberg, Nora Laudani, Paul Spong, David Wells
Sound: Carlos Pulido
Archival animation, design and illustration by R. Sikoryak

The Bentfootes filming
Jim RaritanJames Urbaniak
Susan BentfooteNina Hellman
HerselfKriota Willberg
LarryLawrence Goldhuber

Augusta "Gus" BentfooteElizabeth Zimmer
Lisa KronenbergLisa Kron
HerselfJody Sperling
HerselfJill Sigman
Jack GarfieldJack Garrett
HimselfTom Murrin
HerselfMarjorie Mussman
Gary SchweigGary Schwarz
HerselfDeborah Jowitt
Giselle BentfooteKatya Vasilaky

Jessica AmesMaja Lorkovic
Julie BettsDenise Murphy
Nathanael BuckleyBeth Simons
Sharon EstacioKatrina Van Zee
Karina LeskoKriota Willberg

Kriota Willberg/Dura Mater would like to thank the The Skirball Center for the Performing Arts New York University, and Dixon Place for their support in the creation of this film.

The Bentfootes filming